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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


When making reservations, passengers must purchase the tickets within the time limit specified or risk their reservation being cancelled by China Eastern due to lapse of time. Passengers board with the reserved tickets after reservation is made. Irregular tickets cannot be used until seats are reserved.


Passengers are required to present valid personal identification document when they purchase the tickets (personal identification document includes but not limited to ID cards, Passports, Visa etc.). Passengers are required to fill in the Passenger Ticket Purchase List. Passengers with medical conditions must provide medical travel clearance document(s) assessing their fitness to fly issued by medical practitioner(s) approved by China Eastern Airlines. Please refer to the Transportation Conditions for details.


Tickets are the primary evidence of legally binding relationship between China Eastern Airlines and passengers. Each ticket can solely be used by the passenger whose name appears on the ticket. Tickets cannot be transferred or altered. Alteration of ticket will result in its invalidation; ticket’s fee is non-refundable. Each ticket is valid for one year starting from the date of travel or the date on which the ticket is written if such travel does not occur. The validity of discounted tickets is subject to the valid period and the conditions of the promotion. Tickets may only be used in the order of travel written on the tickets.


Passengers can purchase electronic tickets from China Eastern offices (including official website)certified travel agents. Passengers are required to present valid personal identification document for boarding or other procedure purpose at the airport. The Air Transportation Electronic Ticket Travel List is not recognized as a valid document for boarding or other procedure purpose at the airport.

5.Child tickets, infant ticketsTop↑

Children tickets apply to children between the age of two(2) and twelve(12). Infants tickets apply to children under the age of two(2) and are booked without a seat. If the passenger wishes to book an infant with a seat, Children tickets apply. There is a limit of two(2) children (under the age of twelve(12)) per adult. If the passenger wishes to book travel that involves more than two(2) children, please consult China Eastern reservation staff for further information.

6.Refund Top↑

Passengers can only lodge a refund application at the office where purchase the tickets if part or the whole of the travel route is not finished within the valid period. However, if the words “NON-REF” or “NON-REFUND” are marked on the ticket, the ticket is not refundable. Passengers may refund voluntarily, China Eastern charges refund fee calculated by the price of the tickets and subject to applicable conditions. If the route is terminated upon passenger’s request, the unused part is not refundable. If passengers cannot travel on the original flight or the original class at China Eastern Airlines’ fault, passengers can choose to refund free of charge. If passengers ask for refunds after the handling of the boarding procedure because of being refused boarding due to the disconnection of credentials or the violation of relevant regulations of the government or carrier, etc., China Eastern may charge a refund fee according to regulations of voluntary refunding.

7.Overbooking Top↑

According to the common practice of the international air transportation industry, there are occasions that a flight may be overbooked. Under individual overbooking conditions, individual passengers may be asked to change to another flight; China Eastern Airlines may re-book on the next availed flight for passengers and carry different compliment measures. China Eastern Airlines will comply with local applicable laws and regulations.

8.Transfers Top↑

According to the applicable conditions of tickets, China Eastern Airlines can attend to flight transferring formalities for passengers of our company and

passengers holding China Eastern tickets. However, the ticket transfer can only be carried out with other air companies that have signed clearing agreements with China Eastern. China Eastern tickets held by passengers or non-China Eastern tickets containing China Eastern route cannot be transferred if the original carrier for the route is required to be changed due to personal reasons or if NON-END or NON-ENDORSABLE is marked on the tickets. Otherwise, the transferring procedure is allowed based on confirmation from China Eastern. If passengers cannot travel on their original flight due to China Eastern, China Eastern should handle the transferring procedure according to the usage conditions of the seats of other carriers when the passengers choose to be transferred to another carrier.


In order to ensure the schedule of the flight, check-in for domestic flights of China Eastern Airlines opens two(2) hours before departure and closes 45 minutes before departure. International flights check-in opens180 minutes before departure and closes 45 minutes before departure. Passengers are required to adhere to check-in times or the fare may be forfeited. Passengers should check with the local airport for check-in times at all non-Australian ports.  

10.Voluntary Itinerary ChangeTop↑

If the passenger chooses not to use reserved seat or misses the booked flight, the reserved continuing or returning flight seat will be cancelled. Passenger is required to make a new booking if the passenger wishes to continue travelling.

11.Baggage StipulationsTop↑

The checked baggage must be packed, locked well and bound firmly, must be able to bear certain pressure and safely loaded, unloaded, and transported under normal operation conditions. China Eastern Airlines has right to refuse any items for reason of safety.

12.Baggage LiabilityTop↑

China Eastern Airlines may compensate passengers for any damage or loss of consigned baggage in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

13.Delay or Cancellation of FlightsTop↑

If the flight is delayed or cancelled due to aircraft maintenance, flight allocation, business affairs or strikes etc., China Eastern Airlines may provide on-the-spot flight information and arrange for meals or accommodation for passengers free of charge. If the flight is delayed or cancelled due to climate changes, emergent events, air traffic control, security inspection and non-carriers of passengers, etc., China Eastern Airlines will provide flight information for passengers and help passengers to arrange for meals and accommodation, passengers to bear cost and fees occur.

14.Limited Liability Top↑

Liability of China Eastern Airlines is calculated and limited by relevant laws and regulations.

15.Award tickets RedemptionTop↑

Please visit the Eastern Miles website for more information