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Travel Requirements

Travel Requirements

Note: The information on this page is updated from time to time for reference and is not guaranteed accurate. For latest travel requirements information, please contact our sales offices.

Passengers who purchase tickets online must comply with the Passenger information document provided by China Eastern as well as all relevant regulations issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). Additionally, passengers are responsible for the accuracy of information submitted when booking.

Passengers must abide by all government regulations regarding the legality and validity of identification documents when taking civil aviation flights. Passengers will be considered responsible for any consequences caused by problems like invalid forms of ID and inconsistencies between ticket and identification information.

Passengers booking tickets online must accurately fill in the relevant personal information and contact information. Any financial losses caused by unclear or incomplete information shall be borne by the passenger after purchasing.

After purchase, the ticket issuing procedure (i.e. online payment) must be completed within 30 minutes after booking. If the payment is successful, the system will generate a ticket number, to be confirmed by the purchaser in the "Order Management" section. If this time limit expires, the payment will be considered unsuccessful and the booking will be automatically canceled. 

Special needs passengers (including VIP, injured, disabled, and stretcher-bound passengers, as well as soldiers and policemen disabled during the revolution, pregnant women, unaccompanied senior citizens and children, and those traveling on student, teacher, and senior citizen tickets, etc.) and those who applied for special services (including special meals, prearranged seats, wheelchairs, etc.) please contact the booking offices of China Eastern or call China Eastern Service Hotline to apply for special service applications and to book tickets. China Eastern currently has not made online ticketing for the above-mentioned passengers available.

2.Boarding proceduresTop↑

In order to ensure the flight is on-time, China Eastern international flights may start boarding procedures two hours prior to departure and close them 45 minutes before departure. Domestic flights will start boarding procedures 90 minutes before departure and close them 30 minutes before departure.

Passengers are required to arrive at the airport to check in and boarding with adequate time to meet the above time limits. Passengers must present valid documentation used to purchase tickets online.

3.About Travel List (Invoice)Top↑

Air Transportation Electronic Ticket List ("invoice" hereafter) shall be regarded as the official receipt for passengers who bought electronic tickets.

Passengers who purchased tickets online may receive the invoice at some airports or booking offices of China Eastern within 7 days after completing travel by presenting their valid travel documentation.

The invoice can only be printed once and will not be considered as a credential sufficient for check-in and entry to the airport security checkpoint.

If the invoice has already been printed, the passenger must present it when rebooking flights and must return it when seeking a refund. The passenger may return the invoice to the place it was printed (for example, the service counter of the airport), or return it to a China Eastern ticket office, or mail it to China Eastern Headquarters (Address: ITINERARY, Revenue Overturn Department of China Eastern Marketing Committee, No. 92, Airport Road 3, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. Post Code 200335).

Losing the invoice will not affect check in as the passenger can check in by presenting travel documentation. However, once lost, the invoice cannot be reprinted.

4.Applications for E-ticket ModificationTop↑

E-ticket modification refers to: changing of departure date, departure time or class of scheduled flight.

If a change of travel date is desired and allowable, but the same class of ticket is not available for purchase, the ticket can be upgraded and the difference in ticket price paid. If fees for both class differential and change of date are applicable, only the higher fee will be applied.

Passengers who book domestic tickets online can also make the above-mentioned ticket changes online.

Currently, passengers purchasing regional or international tickets cannot modify their tickets online.

Passengers may also contact China Eastern's service hotline (+86 21 95530) or go to a local or airport China Eastern ticket office for the desired E-ticket services.

5.Passenger ID card numbers cannot be changed after tickets have been issuedTop↑

When E-tickets have been issued to the passenger, no alterations are allowed for certificate numbers, so ensure to correctly enter passenger certificate numbers into 'Enter Passenger Information'.

If passengers find that their actual ID card number is inconsistent with that on the issued travel documentation, they may only refund the original E-tickets. Passengers should submit a refund application online, and re-purchase tickets; in this case China Eastern will deem this as a voluntary refund application.

6.The passenger name cannot be changed after tickets have been issuedTop↑

The passenger's name cannot be altered after the E-ticket has been issued. Ensure to correctly enter the passenger's name in "Enter Passenger Information" screen.

Passengers with names containing rare Chinese characters unidentified in the system purchasing domestic tickets must enter the unidentified Chinese characters in Pinyin into the 'Passenger Name' area. (For example: 李喆, please enter 李ZHE; 李喆一, please enter 李ZHEYI). In such cases, the passenger must resolve this issue at a China Eastern counter before check-in.

7.Voluntary class downgradeTop↑

To downgrade the travel class (i.e. voluntary request to downgrade from first class to business or economy class), the original E-tickets must be refunded through online application and the passenger must then repurchase the ticket. Such refunds are considered voluntary.


Refund process: Refund applications shall be submitted online. China Eastern will refund the ticket fare to your bank account within 22 workdays of the application submission. If the fare hasn't been refunded by this time, please call China Eastern Service Hotline +86 21 95530 and dial No. 1(chinese) - 3 for assistance.

9.Refund terms and conditionsTop↑

After booking a ticket, a refund for any or part of the unused route ticket fare and associated fees, may be requested if the passenger fails, due to the passenger, China Eastern or weather, to complete any or all of the scheduled travel prior to the E-ticket expiry date.
Voluntary refund: The passenger fails, for reasons specific to the passenger, to finish any part or all of the scheduled travel within the E-ticket expiry date and requires a refund.
Involuntary refund: In circumstances where China Eastern is unable to honor the booking and the passenger requires a refund.

Refund time limit:
For regular ticket, the refund shall be applied for within 13 months of the initial travel date. For a non-standard ticket, the refund shall be applied for within 13 months of the date of issuance. The aforementioned application shall not be accepted if overdue.

Refund fees:
1) Provisions for voluntary refund of domestic travel:
First class/business class/economy class (F/C/Y) tickets: No refund fee;
Child tickets at half the price of adult regular fare (F/C/Y): No refund fee;
Infant ticket at 10% of regular adult fare (F/C/Y): No refund fee;
B/E/H class tickets: Refund fee is 5% of the ticket price;
L/M/N class: Refund fee is 10% of the ticket price;
R/S class: Refund fee is 20% of the ticket price;
V/T/W class: Refund fee is 50% of the ticket price;
X class (presale class): Refund fee is 80% of the ticket price;
For other classes, Refund fees shall comply with tariff rate conditions and restrictions.
The abovementioned refund fees will be set at a minimum of 50 Yuan.

2) Terms of voluntary refund for regional and international tickets:
Refunds will comply with information as detailed in the "refund rules" provided on the China Eastern website.
If any portion of the booked ticket has been used, the refund amount is equal to the total ticket amount minus the calculated ticket fares and relevant taxes and fees for the used (China Eastern) flights and assessed refund fees. Fares are calculated based on currently available one-way or round-trip fares in the same ticket class. If no one-way fares are applicable in the relevant ticket class, then the refund amount shall be equal to the paid ticket amount minus fare for the lowest class one-way ticket available.

3) Involuntary refund:No refund fee.

4) Refund due to illness:
After verification of a medical condition, the refund application of the passenger unable to fly due to illness shall be handled according to regulations for a voluntary refund. To verify the illness, the passenger must provide three records of diagnosis and treatment, such as admission, treatment and billing records. As stipulated by the regulations for refunds due to illness, only the taxes on a totally unused "non-refundable" ticket can be refunded.

5) Non-compliance with ticket refund provisions:
The multi-destination tickets must be used sequentially, as per the ticket itinerary. To alter travel plans, the process will be handled as a voluntary refund. If a balance remains after deducting the normal price (F/C/Y) of flight segments flown from the total purchase price, the passenger will be refunded the balance of the fare along with corresponding taxes.
Refund fees for unused travel shall be collected complying with applicable refund regulations.

10.Refund application formTop↑

Passengers due to receive a refund must bring valid travel documentation and the refund voucher issued by China Eastern to the tickets offices of China Eastern or to the airport China Eastern booking counter. The booking agent may process the refund voucher depending on original valid identification the agent, the passenger's signed power of attorney and copies of the passenger's valid travel documentation. Each refund form can be issued only once.

11.Ticket VerificationTop↑

Passengers who have purchased E-tickets from China Eastern can visit the website of China Eastern for ticket verification; the passenger may check for authenticity and find the itinerary number by entering ticket number and passenger name.

China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited reserves the right to the final interpretation of this notice.